Don Bosco College of Education & Research Institute came into existence with the scope of training young people in Teaching and Learning Skills of Education based on the Preventive System of Don Bosco. Since 2005, Don Bosco College of Education & Research Institute has the name and honour of training 10 batches of B.Ed graduates who are well-placed in prominent and prestigious institutions in and outside the state of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu.

DON BOSCO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE functions under The Pondicherry Don Bosco Society, registered 83 of 1984, dated 24th July 1984. It is run by Religious Society (Salesians of Don Bosco)– Self Financed – Unaided College not included under Sec.2(f) & 12(B) of UGC Act 19.


The motto of the college “The truth will set you free”. (Jn 8:32) The motto of the college is taken from the Holy Bible. All who step into Don Bosco College of Education are guided to seek the truth. They are trained to shine like a lamp dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The truth will enable them to become free and help them to pass from the Unreal to the Real, from Darkness to Light and from Death to Immortality.

The teacher Education programmes, which we provide at all levels, seek to develop in the trainees, without frontiers, understanding without prejudice and professional competencies without lacuna. We have committed overselves to promote value-oriented education contributing to unity and integrity and to implement innovative strategies to ensure effectiveness of the programmes.

To understand one's role as an agent of social change, Develop values of education such as non-violence, truthfulness, self discipline, dignity of labour etc.. Understand one's role not only as leader of the children but as a guide to the community. Act as liaison between school and community. Leader of Unity. We undertake several steps to improve the quality of teacher education programmes.
Admission open for 2015-16 FEES COLLECTED -- Tution Fees Rs.33,000/- (fixed by the Fee committee of Puducherry Government) Approval by the Govt. of Puducherry No.10474/EDN/SECTT/E3/2003 dated.30.01.2004 Revised Recognition by NCTE F.SRO/NCTE/APS02966/B.ED/PO/2015-16/65411 dated. 25.05.2015 Affiliated to Pondicherry University No.PU/AW-1/06/2014-15/371 dated.14.10.2014